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    Sound Bath Healing

    I believe that there are many pathways to healing and it is important that people have access to what resonates or works for them along their journey. This is how I got into Sound Bath Healing.  I wanted my client to have access to more than just talk therapy.

    So many people I work with share how stress and anxiety negatively impact their life.  I have found that sometimes my clients need more than just talk therapy.  They need something experiential worked into their sessions.  Not only do my clients get access to sound bath healing if they choose, I also offer individual sound bath journeys for those who are not therapy clients. 

    Often people need to schedule time to allow the body to rest, reset and relax. Sometimes they don’t even know where to start or need support. If this is you, this is what a sound bath with me can offer you!

    Many of you may ask yourself “What is a Sound Bath?” A Sound Bath is a deeply immersive full body listening experience that uses sound as a therapeutic and restorative process to nurture your mind, body & soul.  Look at it as a form of meditation but instead of focusing on the breath you are focusing on the vibrations and sound around you.

    Benefits Of Sound Bath Healing

    Reduce Anxiety

    Manage Stress

    Pain Management

    Ease Tension

    Improved Sleep

    Lower Blood Pressure

    Manage Mood Swings


    Deepening Relaxation

    Sound Bath Healing

    You might ask yourself “What happens in a Sound Bath?” The experience starts with you lying down on a yoga mat with supportive, bolsters, blankets, eye mask or sitting comfortably in a chair.  I want you to be as comfortable as possible! I start with a few minutes of guided meditation or breathwork and the remainder of the experience is filled with different sounds and frequencies facilitated by me. The sounds are created by crystal singing bowls, chimes and a variety of drums.

    During your sound bath you will kindly and gently focus on listening to the sound, by doing this you allow your brain waves to slow. This shifts the brain from a more active state to a more relaxed state, or even a dreamlike state.  At the end of our session I will guide you out of the sound bath.  Client often leave a session feeling relaxed and an improved sense of well-being. 

    Sound Bath Healing

    Sound Baths are offered by me as 1:1 sessions, private group sessions and monthly recurring sessions in the community.  For more information about my in-person Sound Baths check out my services and fees page.

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